The One Moto Show 2019

For the third straight year I made the pilgrimage to Portland to attend the 2019 One Moto Show. The One show celebrates the weird, the rare and unconventional of everything motorcycle culture.

Thanks to Town Moto for sharing my Top Ten builds from this years show!

Click the photo below to see the Top Ten

Indian FTR1200 Concept

The 2019 One Moto Show is less than a week away. This year’s show sponsor is Indian Motorcycles, in anticipation of the show I created this Hypermotard inspired Indian FTR1200 concept.

I look forward to attending my third straight year of the One Moto show!

Indian FTR1200 concept Carbon Projects.jpg
Indian FTR stock.jpg

Desk Lamp Project

Inspired by @renderweekly , an Instagram page that has weekly Industrial Design challenges. I created my own 1 day challenge to practice lighting and composition in Keyshot. I whipped up this quick desk lamp in Solidworks, taking influence from few 80’s products. 

Task Lamp2.jpg
Task Lamp3.jpg
Task Lamp1.jpg
Task Lamp5.jpg

Carbon Projects - Harley-Davidson Nova V4

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Harley-Davidson was developing a project called the Nova V4. This was a liquid cooled V4 engine which was co-developed with Porsche. After a change in management the project was scrapped and instead the Evolution family of engines went into production.
I stumbled across this unfinished prototype photo of a Nova V4 racer. Here is my rendering of a modern day interpretation of what the Harley-Davidson V4 racer would look like. 
To think what could have been if this project went ahead...

Harley Davidson Project Nova black background.jpg

The Harrison Award 2018 - Carbon Projects Ducati M900 entry

The Harrison Award is a challenge for emerging designers and builder to design and build two Ducati Motorcycles that meet the standards of the Harrison Collection. The top two selected builders will receive a contract to build their design based on the donor bike and budget received from Gerald Harrison. .

This competition was made possible by Gerald Harrison and his assembled judge panel that includes Chris Hunter from Bike Exif, Gareth Roberts and Max Hazan.

The Carbon Projects entry was based on the Ducati Monster M900 chassis, utilizing many of the OEM parts while still incorporating some custom parts to streamline the existing bike. A custom tail and sub frame extension would be fabricated along with custom CNC machined components. 

The Carbon Projects concept proposal was selected 5th out of over 100 entry’s.

The Design.jpg
Harrison Award Sketches.jpg
Side Back.jpg
side front.jpg
Tail section.jpg

Custom Carbon Fiber Tail section

Clutch Cover 4.jpg

Custom CNC Machined Aluminum Clutch Cover

Clutch Cover 2.jpg

2019 Indian FTR 1200

The day everyone has been waiting for! The public release of the Indian FTR 1200. 
The first photo is my photoshop of what the new Indian FTR1200 would look like cleaned up with a modified tail, left side mufflers, sub frame cover and a tucked in headlight. 
The second photo is of the stock FTR 1200. 
What’s the consensus on the production version? Love it? Hate it?

Indian FTR1200 concept_carbon projects.jpg
Indian FTR1200.jpg